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If you like singing , we'd love to hear from you. No auditions necessary but we do encourage your skills through occasional workshops and mutual support.  
Send us a message by clicking on the CONTACT tab at the head of the page.​

The Wellington Male Voice Choir is a community choir, singing popular, sacred and secular songs (both accompanied and unaccompanied).  We share many attributes in common with male choirs in other countries (Wales in particular), but attempt to present our own interpretation of the music we sing. The choir has a strong tradition of fellowship, and strives for high quality singing.​​

Our repertoire includes a wide range of both modern and traditional material, including (but not limited to) for example, operatic songs from Bizet's 'Pearl Fishers', popular songs such as the Beatles' 'When I'm 64', music from the shows, eg. 'Memory' from Cats, and folk songs such as John Denver's 'Take Me Home, Country Roads'; also we have a number of spiritual songs such as 'Morte Criste'.

The Choir is a Registered Charity.  Net proceeds from our public concerts are donated to a Charity of our choice.

To see details of our Choir's Constitution and other information, go to the website of the NZ Companies Office and search for Incorporated Society number 658852.  There is a list of all Documents Registered, with the most recent issue listed first.  Recent listed documents may be downloaded as PDF files.

Want to hear what we sound like?  Want to try a little singing yourself? Come along to
Tawa Union Church hall, Elena Place, Tawa

to a Choir practice at 7pm - 9pm on a Thursday evening, February to November, but it is best to contact us first to make sure we will be there.  Occasionally, we have other engagements on Thursdays.  Use the 'Contact' link in the menu at the head of the page.


You can just sit and listen, or join in as we find out what this year brings for us as singers.  We'll be discussing our upcoming events, and introducing the songs we'll be practising over the next couple of months.  You can stay as long as you like - and join us for a cup of tea afterwards to chat and find out more.


There will be no charge, and you are under no obligation, but we welcome new singers of all ages to join our ranks.

Copies of the music scores are paid for from the Choir's membership fees.  These are given out well in advance of any concert. Bring a pencil to rehearsals to record any special requirements, and rub out any marks before returning them.

As well, sound files are available.  These normally consist of a separate file for each singing part, be it 1st or 2nd Tenor, Baritone or Bass.  Members are given a password for access.

Recent Engagements

Many opportunities for singing in the last few years have been disrupted by COVID requirements.  But we are now hopeful that restrictions will ease, allowing us to 'get back on the road again'.


We have for several years, joined with 'The Old Crotchets' at St John's Church, Feilding.  This is an enjoyable day out by coach.


The Choir sang at Kapiti Playhouse as a fund-raiser for Age Concern.


​The Choir gave a private concert for the Wellington Social Club for the Blind, as we have done many times.  We may repeat that again this year.


A number of our Choristers went to sing in the Australian Male Choir Festival in Wollongong, NSW, Australia in October 2017.


We have also sung by invitation at retirement homes in the Wellington region.

Deputy Conductor

The Choir would like to have a deputy conductor, in case our Music Director is otherwise engaged, able to take over practice sessions if needed, and also able to take singing groups to private performances, for example at retirement villages, if our Music Director is unavailable.  It would be really great if the deputy conductor would also be a regular singing member of the Choir, becoming familiar with the repertoire.  If that appeals, please do contact us.


Music Director

Mark Stamper is our Music Director.  Mark has led the choir in concerts given at the Summerset Retirement Village, Trentham, and other venues, with resounding success, and also our recent public concerts.  We enjoy Mark's unique style with leading the Choir at concerts and in rehearsals.

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